TS1921 Occupancy Sensor


The TrickleStar Occupancy Sensor detects occupancy and measures temperature at the room or area it is installed. It is a must-have accessory for the TrickleStar Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat so that you can further optimize comfort and maximize savings for your home. 


Flexible design

You can mount the TrickleStar Occupancy Sensor on the wall or place it on a stand or table.

Optimizes comfort and maximizes savings

Install the TrickleStar Occupancy Sensor in your house such as bedrooms, kitchen or other important areas to detect occupancy and measure the temperature there. When you connect the Occupancy Sensors to the TrickleStar Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, you can use the TrickleStar PortalTM and TrickleStar App (iOS and Android) to control the temperature for each room or area from anywhere. You can also monitor and manage the temperature settings, helping you to optimize comfort and maximize savings for your home.

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