What is a Motion Sensor Advanced PowerStrip?

The Motion Sensor Advanced PowerStrip is an energy-saving surge protector that monitors activity in the workspace by detecting motion. When the workspace is unoccupied for a specified period of time, it automatically removes the power supplied to selected outlets, thereby reducing power wasted by the unused electronics.

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Benefits of Motion Sensor Advanced PowerStrips

A picture of an unoccupied workspace and that the motion sensor advanced powerstrip can automatically remove power supply when the workspace is unoccupied for a specified period of time

Automatically switches off electronics if no motion is detected after a period of time

A picture of a group of customer support and the motion sensor advanced powerstrip can reduce power wasted by the unused electronics

Suitable for a range of applications including commercial offices, schools, and home use

A picture showing two peoples discussing on simple method to increase energy savings

Many utilities offer rebates or incentives through commercial energy efficiency programs

A young guy feeling happy that the motion sensor powerstrip can safeguards his plug-in electronics against surge spikes

Quality surge-protection safeguards plug-in electronics against surge spikes

How it Works

Featuring a highly-accurate passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, the Motion Sensor Advanced PowerStrip uses motion as a proxy to determine user presence in the workspace area. If no movement is detected within a specified period of time (e.g., 30 minutes)., power supplied to the switched outlets is removed, and plug-in-electronics shut off. As a result electronics plugged into the switched outlets only receive power when needed and power wasted from electronics left switched on when not in use is eliminated.

According to field study research by SeventhWave, an advanced power strip combined with an occupancy sensor reduces plug load by ~ 22%.

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SensorClick™ Modular Power Platform

SensorClick is a modular powerstrip and sensor system that allows you to use any SensorClick Advanced PowerStrip or Power Tap with any SensorClick accessory device. With an extensive and growing list of power strips and sensors, you can quickly and inexpensively set up an energy-saving solution to suit any application.

The SensorClick Motion Sensor is designed to work with the SensorClick 4-outlet Advanced PowerTap, 7-outlet Advanced PowerStrip, and 12-outlet Advanced PowerStrip. All products are easy to set up and use, and suitable for residential and workplace applications.