Explore Our Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips

Benefits of a Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip

• Reduces energy waste to save money
• Prolongs life of electronics
• Offers premium fireproof surge protection

How it Works

A Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip works with a countdown period and a sensor to monitor usage of the electronics.

During the countdown period, if the sensor doesn’t detect remote activity (AV models only) or motion (PC and AV models), or if the TV or PC is turned off, the electronics plugged into the switched outlets will automatically turn off.

The Multi-Sensor Difference

Many televisions, set-top boxes, DVRs and gaming consoles do not use Infrared (IR) remotes. Instead, they use Bluetooth, radio frequency or Wi-Fi-enabled remotes. IR-only sensing Tier 2 advanced power strips will not work with these devices.

In addition to working with more devices, our multi-sensor is also proven to significantly reduce unwanted shutdowns, leading to increased customer satisfaction, usability and prolonged energy savings compared to IR-only sensors.