TrickleStar® produces a range of high quality Advanced PowerStrips and Surge Protectors for AV and PC applications to:

  • Reduce energy use and reduce energy waste.
  • Protect devices from damaging electrical surges.
All TrickleStar® products are UL® certified. Products are designed and produced to meet and exceed the highest standards for electrical safety and to minimize risks for consumers. TrickleStar® products feature many patented, industry leading innovations including:

  • Fireproof surge protection
  • Additional safety fuses
  • High quality circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker switch protection
  • Spark welded and soldered wiring connections
  • High quality materials

In addition, all TrickleStar products are produced in an ISO 9001 factory that is inspected annually by UL for electrical safety compliance. TrickleStar® is one of a select few global manufacturers with the capability to produce high quality products reliably in volume with a capacity for >2 million units per month.
TrickleStar® customers are often large corporates and public organisations with demanding requirements for;

  • Product quality and reliability in high volume
  • Risk mitigation features built into products and production processes
  • Environmental standards compliance and legislative compliance e.g. conflict minerals compliance
  • Labour standards compliance
  • Transparency and accountability as a publicly listed organisation

Whether it’s a powerstrip for an office or home or for a large scale energy program, TrickleStar has a range of powerstrip solutions to meet every need.