Bernard Bernard Emby

• A highly experienced entrepreneur and electrical industry expert with over 20 years experience

• A leader in energy efficiency products for the utility and consumer industries

Guna N.Gunananthan

• A seasoned entrepreneur, financial and operations professional

• Experienced in financial management

Jon Lanning Jon Lanning
VP of Sales | Stand Alone Products

• Highly experienced sales and marketing professional with over 30 years experience

• A leader in the North American energy efficiency industry

Krish S Krishnan Sinnappan
Chief Technical Officer

• Highly experienced in R&D management of new consumer products with over 20 years experience

• Well experienced as E&E Engineer in multinational manufacturing industry and quality assurance

Loh Peng Kok Loh Peng Kok
Financial Controller

Jern Jern Ern Chuah
Chief Intellectual Property Advisor to the Board

• One of the leading intellectual property practitioners in asia pacific with over 20 years experience in patents and intellectual property strategy