Maximize savings by heating at the right time with a TrickleStar® Electric Water Heater Controller

Electric resistance storage water heaters are one of the most energy intensive appliances in most North American homes. The TrickleStar® Electric Water Heater Controller is designed to work with common electric resistance storage style water heaters. Whilst there are a number of measures to reduce the use of hot water e.g. low flow shower heads and aerators, one of the most important ways to save costs is to ensure water is heated at the optimal time when energy costs are low.
Electric water heaters function similar to a battery by storing hot water which can be used later in the day - meaning you should select and avoid specific times and conditions to heat water. The TrickleStar® Electric Water Heater Controller does not adjust the temperature setpoint of electric water heaters (this is typically highly inaccurate and fraught with problems). It simply allows users and utilities to control water heating at optimal times.
  • TrickleStar App (iOS + Android) control and Portal based admin and control.
  • Feature rich scheduler.
  • Highly accurate power measurement with 6 month data storage.
  • Detailed reporting on run- time operation and power use consumption.
  • Temperature sensor to prevent pipes freezing.
  • Flood sensor to alert user in the event of a leak.
  • Physical override button.
  • Works in Cloud and LAN Modes (no internet connection required).
  • Administrator functions and provide multiple users with basic controls.
  • Works with >95% of residential electric resistance water heaters.
  • UL and FCC certified.
“Hi Alexa, turn on my water heater”

Electric Water Heater Controller 3rd Party Integration

  • Optimized DRMS integration for Demand Response and Time of Use programs with inbuilt messaging services to alert users to Electric Water Heater Controller system and Demand Response events.
  • Compliant with the California Energy Commission 2016 Title 24, Part 6 JA5 via virtual end node for OpenADR signals.
  • Supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa.