TS2301 Wi-Fi Electric Water Heater Controller


The TrickleStar Electric Water Heater Controller will help you save money on your water heating costs by heating your water at the right time*. With Wi-Fi connectivity, smart scheduling, and use of the TrickleStar Energy Portal and App, you can control your hot water supply wisely wherever you are. Easy to install and compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa make the TrickleStar Electric Water Heater Controller a smart choice for your smart home. Can be retrofitted to most types of US electric water heaters.

*Your utility must support ToU Rates or you have a solar system that can be used to power your water heater controller. 


Intelligently schedule your hot water to save money!

With the TrickleStar Portal and App (iOS and Android), you can configure your personal preferences and optimize heating to synchronize with your electric utility or solar generation system.

Schedule > Monitor > Forecast

Over time, you analyze and forecast energy use by reviewing daily/weekly/monthly/yearly usage reports readily summarized on the TrickleStar Portal.