Portable Renewable Power for Emergencies and Power Outages

Portable Power Stations provide portable, rechargeable backup power. Portability is key as many other emergency backup solutions are bulky, difficult to transport, require regular maintenance and need to be fuelled. In emergency conditions, a solution that is compact, portable and clean to power for essential communications, medical devices and appliances is key.

The Causes of Power Outages

Climate change has contributed to more extreme weather events leading to hotter drier summers and an increased risk of dangerous wildfires. Combined with an aging electrical grid, the potential for power outages has increased substantially in the past few years. A Portable Power Station is a low maintenance, compact and renewable solution to supply emergency backup power. Highly portable, it is suitable for grab and go situations such as Public Safety Power Shutoff, floods or other extreme weather events.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs are a part of life

When a Public Safety Power Shutoffs occurs, are you prepared and able to deal with it comfortably and keep your essential medical, communication, refrigeration, power tools and other appliances powered?