TS2602 Advanced Keyboard


Save Energy, Improve Security
The TrickleStar® Advanced Keyboard is a 105 key USB Type C keyboard and uses highly-accurate radar-sensing technology to detect when the user is absent from their computer. It puts the computer to sleep quickly and automatically when absence is detected. Works with PC, Linux and Mac operating systems with no software required to be installed on the computer – simply adjust two switches and plug the keyboard into a computer and installation is done in one to two minutes. 

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Saving energy has never been easier

Studies show that computers and external monitors are frequently left powered on for extended periods of time when the user is absent. Many users do not configure power settings correctly, resulting in their computer consuming power needlessly for extended periods. Even when power settings are configured correctly, user presence is determined by keyboard or mouse input, but this is an imperfect method that results in energy waste. Using keyboard and mouse input to determine presence requires longer countdown times (typically 10-15 minutes as a minimum) to avoid annoying the user and being disabled.

Highly accurate radar sensing supports much shorter countdown timer settings, as short as 30 seconds to put the computer to sleep quickly when the user steps away thereby saving significant amounts of energy. The TrickleStar® Advanced Keyboard works in conjunction with network-based management tools and computer-based power settings.

Improved Security and Enhanced Data Protection

In addition to substantial energy savings, the TrickleStar® Advanced Keyboard enhances computer and overall network security by ensuring that the computer is locked quickly as soon as the user steps away. Users get busy and frequently neglect to power down their computer. Power settings are typically configured to 10-15 minutes leaving the door open for unauthorised access to the computer.

Highly Accurate Radar Sensing

The TrickleStar® Advanced Keyboard immediately senses user absence and puts the computer to sleep in as little as 30 seconds, helping to secure the computer and enhance data and network security. For organisations that have internal or legislative requirements to safeguard user data, ensuring that computers are quickly locked helps enhance security and improve the ‘chain of custody” of user data.

Reddot Award Winner 2022

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