TS1006 - 12 Outlet Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip


Use this with large TV or PC set-ups to reduce energy waste, lower your electric bill and save money.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Premium Fireproof Surge Protection

All TrickleStar products use ceramic-encased Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), which suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster than traditional MOVs. This makes them fireproof during abnormal surges.

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Features and Benefits

Set Up Guide

*Gaming consoles without hard disk drives (HDDs) can be plugged into the switched outlets. Gaming consoles with HDDs need to be plugged into the always-on outlets.

Suggested Settings for Threshold Switch

Adjust the threshold switch based on the item you have plugged into the control outlet.

TV LCD/LED 50” or Larger High
  LCD/LED Less than 50” Medium
  Tube/CRT TV High
PC Desktop High
  Laptop Low