Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip

Publicly owned utilities (POU) across California have created a portfolio of innovative demand-side management programs tailored to serve the interest of their communities. Common to all POU energy efficiency programs is the ability to advance emerging technologies through progressive program design, allowing for the adoption of new energy efficiency measures that save energy and maximize the value of their programs. Their method for estimating the impacts from energy efficiency measures are outlined in the Savings Estimation Technical Reference Manual (TRM) for the California Municipal Utilities Association (ERS, 2016). The recently published technical reference manual includes the Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrips as a unit energy savings (UES) measure with credible and reliable energy savings estimates; furthermore, for the first time the TRM features provisional measures (Section 17); that is, newly adopted emerging technologies with energy savings potential, which includes the Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip (Section 17.2).


TrickleStar's Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip+ (Tier 2 APS+) maximizes residential energy savings by reducing the amount of active & standby power wasted by home entertainment center electronics. The Tier 2 APS+ monitors a user's engagement with their home entertainment center through an advanced Multi-Sensor that detects infrared (IR) remote control activity and motion. If no IR remote control activity or motion is detected after a period of time, the Tier 2 APS+ powers down the TV and electronics plugged into the switched outlets, thereby reducing active and standby power consumption.
Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip Feature

To view the Savings Estimation TRM for the California Municipal Utilities Association, click here

Usage Sensing

TrickleStar's patented Auto-Threshold Detection technology is a usage-sensing feature that determines the status of the control device. The advantage of our technology is its ability to accurately detect the status of the TV and not create switching errors if the TV uses less energy than another device plugged into the Tier 2 APS unit. Furthermore, Auto-Threshold Detection ensures our Tier 2 APS unit will correctly function with any size TV.

Advanced Power Analysis
The TrickleStar Tier 2 APS performs advanced power analysis though our use of Root Mean Square (RMS) energy monitoring and analysis of the control outlet and device. Our unit uses root mean square power analysis, power factor analysis, and load signature detection in conjunction with Auto-Threshold Detection to ensure proper switching for all types and sizes of televisions.

Control Algorithms
TrickleStar has the most advanced control algorithms available in a Tier 2 APS device. Rather than solely detecting infrared remote control signals, our external multi-sensor provides inputs for both infrared remote control signal detection and motion in the TV viewing area. This unique multi-sensor ensures that our Tier 2 APS unit will not initiate an improper television shutdown event when users are operating radio frequency, wired gaming controllers or Bluetooth remotes.


The California Municipal Utilities Association's recently published TRM quotes a savings value of 212 kWh/yr. with a five year Estimated Useful Life for Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips used in residential application. The TRM indicates this is a provisional measure which is scheduled to expire or renew on 30 Jun 2018. The TRM also states that devices should meet the performance and test recommendations of an independent testing or research agency, such as CALPLUG. TrickleStar's Tier 2 Advanced Power Strip has in fact been tested by CalPlug, and the testing report is available upon request.