• Tier 2 APS Reduces Active + Standby Power plug-load
  • Innovative, patent pending Multi-Sensor ensures accurate absense detection - especially for gaming consoles
Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip


The new Advanced PowerStrip Plus (APS+) is our most intelligent powerstrip and sensor to date.

The APS+ reduces the amount of standby power and active power used by electronics - generating significantly higher savings by switching off the TV and peripherals when not in use. In addition to standard master / switched functionality, the APS+ has a patent pending, highly sensitive Multi-Sensor that detects both infrared (IR) remote control activity and occupancy. This is particularly important for AV systems which include a gaming console. Gaming consoles typically have wired or radio frequency controller handsets. These types of handsets do not not emit infrared signals and so IR only sensing powerstrips can sometimes falsely detect user absense with gaming controllers causing serious user frustration.

Simple, easy to install, accurate sensing and provides automation to reduce plug-load.

surge protection


surge protection

TrickleStar® is the market leader in the APS product category with millions of Tier 1 APS devices installed across TV and PC applications in North America. We are recognized for our product quality, superior safety features, and outstanding customer service.


TrickleStar® APS' incorporates premium fireproof surge protection technology capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The APS has ceramic encased Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster than traditional MOVs. In addition to absorbing electrical surges better, fireproof MOVs have better thermal properties and a longer life span that normal MOVs. Selecting to use TrickleStar® fireproof products results in increased safety for your customers alongside minimizing risk for utility programs.