TS1104 Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip

Since National Electrical Safety Month is nearly over, we take this opportunity to thank you for making TrickleStar's Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip ("APS") the best-selling and safest APS on the market.

With so many of us now working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a safe advanced powerstrip is now more important than ever!
Here are some best practices for you and your customers to keep in mind when dealing with power strips, surge protectors, and advanced power strips collectively referred to hereafter as "PowerStrips":

  • Don't overload PowerStrips and never "daisy chain" them together or plug them into an extension cord. A PowerStrip must be plugged directly into a grounded receptacle in order to comply with UL safety regulations.
  • Ensure your electrical outlets are properly grounded. If they aren't, consider contacting an electrical contractor for resolution. Poorly or ungrounded outlets will result in PowerStrips being unable to protect your devices from electrical surges.
  • Do not use PowerStrips with aquariums and avoid installing a PowerStrip under window. Windows often leak during heavy rain, and water entering a PowerStrip is never a good thing.
  • Ensure that PowerStrips are UL approved.
  • Ensure that PowerStrips have a resettable circuit breaker and spend a little extra to get a PowerStrip with additional safety features. Remember all PowerStrips are not equal - even though they may look similar. Safety features is usually the reason why some PowerStrips are $3.99 and some are $49.99.
  • If a PowerStrip or outlet ever crackles or has a 'wobbly' connection, immediately cease using it and get it replaced immediately.

Not all PowerStrips are equal. TrickleStar Advanced PowerStrips are the market leader with unparalleled safety and quality. TrickleStar products features numerous, industry-leading innovations to maximize safety and minimize risk for Utilities, Efficiency Programs, Program Implementers, Contractors, and most importantly - your customers.


Ceramic Encased MOV
Ceramic-encased MOVs suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster, eliminating fire risks from MOV failures.
UL Certified
Tested and certified by UL according to UL1363 and 1449 3rd edition standards.
Dedicated Circuit Breaker
Our high-quality dedicated circuit breaker is safer than combined circuit breaker switches.
Thermal safety
Multiple thermal-safety fuses above the industry standard safely shut down the APS in over-temperature conditions.
Better temperature resistance
An FR-4 PCB means the TS1104 has better temperature resistance and mechanical properties versus other brands.
Durable Cable
We use industry-leading cable dressing and heat shrinking standards on the power cable connecting the PCB to the circuit breaker.
Safer Electrical
Internal power cables are spot welded and soldered for better and safer electrical connections.
Quality Control
We conduct quality audits and factory inspections regularly to ensure our products are meeting the quality standards and safety requirement.
Ensure Traceability
Production batch coding, product serial numbers, and detailed factory component-use records ensure traceability.
Child Safety Cover
Slidable child-safety covers help protect little ones.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are available for any inquiries and support needed.
Product Warranty
We offer a 10-Year Product Lifetime Warranty and $20,000 Connected Device Warranty.