TS1301 - Motion Sensor PowerStrip

$39.99 $19.97

  • •  Provides premium quality, fireproof surge protection for PC and TV peripherals. 
  • •  Eliminates power waste by PC and TV peripherals. 
  • •  Motion sensor detects human movement. When you leave the area more than 30mins, it will turn off the peripheral devices automatically to save energy. 
  • •  Protects electronics with state of the art surge protection. 
  • •  Simple automation reduces plug-load. 
  • •  Easy to install.

  • Motion sensor - switches outlets when movement detected
  • 2-in-1 Power ON/OFF rocket switch – integrates a 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker with overload protection
  • Surge protection LED - the green LED light indicates that surge protection is working well when lit
  • Always on outlet - provides continued power for connected devices unless switched off by power switch
  • Auto-Disconnection if surge fails
  • 15A resettable circuit breaker
  • 72,000 Amps/1080 Joules
  • Ceramic Surge Protection
  • LED Status Indication (Ground, Surge Status, Switched)
  • Angled space saver plug
  • Traditional surge suppression products use standard MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) components. TrickleStar product incorporates advanced surge protection technology. The MOVs are encased in a ceramic casing and are capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than traditional MOVs. More importantly the ceramic casing is fireproof and is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions.
  • The product is suitable for range of applications, in particular office / work cubicle environments
  • Solid-State Controls for Appliance
  • UL (US)
  • 2002/95/EG (RoHs)
  • Relocatable Power Taps, UL 1363
  • Standard for Surge Protective Devices, UL 1449
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