Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip

TrickleStar, the category leader in Advanced PowerStrips, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of General Services Administration ( GSA) compliant powerstrips for reducing wasted plug-load energy in federal facilities.

According to a recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), more than 25% of total energy consumed in US office buildings is used to power plug-in devices, many of which continue to draw power even when turned off. As plug-loads are an increasingly large part of building energy profiles, managing and reducing these loads is key to making federal facilities more energy efficient.

With the GSA currently owning and leasing more than 350 million square feet of building space in more than 9,000 buildings nationally, the energy savings potential from plug-loads are significant. The savings depend on the type of devices being controlled and studies estimate savings to range from 26-48%.


Tier 1 APS


The GSA approved range of Advanced PowerStrips (APS) from TrickleStar are designed to reduce plug-load. These Advanced PowerStrips include a range of technologies that meet virtually every plug-load application including:

  • •   Current sensing
  • •   Motion sensing
  • •   Timer control
  • •   Light level control

The range includes an innovative modular power solution called SensorClick™. SensorClick forms an important part of the GSA solution with a modular powerstrips that can easily be coupled with any one of a number of sensors to meet virtually every requirement.

"Plug-load is the low hanging fruit' in many federal buildings. Reducing plug-load does not require complicated or costly products. Savings are relatively simple and quick with advanced powerstrips and our wide range of GSA compliant products will help office and facility managers to reduce plug-load in their facilities with minimal effort", said Bernard Emby, CEO of TrickleStar.


surge protection

TrickleStar® is the market leader in the APS product category with millions of Tier 1 APS devices installed across TV and PC applications in North America. We are recognized for our product quality, superior safety features, and outstanding customer service.


TrickleStar® APS' incorporates premium fireproof surge protection technology capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The APS has ceramic encased Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster than traditional MOVs. In addition to absorbing electrical surges better, fireproof MOVs have better thermal properties and a longer life span that normal MOVs. Selecting to use TrickleStar® fireproof products results in increased safety for your customers alongside minimizing risk for utility programs.