What does the Advanced Keyboard do?

  • Functions first as a high-quality keyboard for text input to PC’s (Windows, Linux + Mac)
  • Mouse + keyboard input are an inefficient, outdated method to determine user absence. PC’s stay on for longer than needed, wasting energy and remaining vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • In-built sensor immediately senses when the user is absent from the PC + puts it to sleep.
  • PC setups often have multiple, large hi-resolution displays which use significant amounts of energy.
  • Automated energy savings range from ~100kWh to >500 kWh / year.
  • No software installation or configuration required.

Reddot Award Winner 2022

Advanced Keyboard Sensing Technology

  • A highly-sensitive radar sensor detects user absence. Sensor unaffected by ambient light, heat or noise.
  • Detects in seconds if a user is absent from the PC.
  • Detection field:
    • Horizontal 3.93” - 49.21” / 0.10m - 1.25m
    • Vertical 3.93” - 49.21” / 0.10m - 1.25m

PC Energy Consumption

  • Energy consumed by PC’s + displays is significant.
  • In full-power operation, a PC with a single monitor uses >100W of power. In sleep mode, a computer uses on average <1W.
  • High proportion of installations with one or more large external display with a Notebook PC.
  • PC’s are the single largest opportunity for energy savings in the workplace for most organizations accounting for 66% of all plug load energy use in commercial offices - Source: Itron, Inc.


Can be used in any PC setup, but particularly well suited to deployment in large organizations with:
  • Large numbers of PC’s.
  • External displays are used.
  • Organizations looking to transition to Net- Zero and where Sustainability Reporting are key objectives.
  • Organizations looking for a cost effective, easy to implement energy efficiency solution that does not disrupt and inconvenience staff.