Did you know?

Your electric clothes dryer can consume as much electricity as an efficient new clothes washer, refrigerator, and dishwasher combined! By installing the TrickleStar© DryerSaver™, it turns off the dryer when the clothes are dry which conserves energy and saves money over the regular timed drying cycle.
There are over 80 million electric clothes dryers in North America with the majority of them operating on mechanical, timer-based control settings with no humidity sensing capabilities. These clothes dryers use simple timers to control the duration of drying cycles and, due to the lack of humidity-sensing features, continue to operate even after the clothes are dry. As a result, clothes are routinely over-dried, wasting millions of kilowatt-hours of energy each year.

The TrickleStar© DryerSaver™ is the first energy-saving, retrofittable power management device for electric clothes dryers that switches off the dryer when the clothes reach a specified level of dryness. Ideal for older electric clothes dryers that only use timer-based controls or even newer models with older temperature and humidity sensors. Even new models with humidity sensors often become inaccurate as sensors wear out or foul in the hot, aggressive climate inside the clothes dryer.
A happy mother doing the clothes drying with her daughter by her side
TrickleStar DryerSaver
The TrickleStar© DryerSaver™ features a sophisticated sensor, mounted externally that detects the humidity in the dryer air exhaust stream and switches off power to the electric dryer when the exhaust air reaches a specified level of dryness.

The TrickleStar© DryerSaver™ automatically switches off power to the electric clothes dryer when the humidity when the clothes are dry, thereby saving energy, preventing over-drying, and lowering your utility bill.