There are many fixed costs in running a business, but an often overlooked way to improve operational efficiency and increase profits is to optimize energy use and save on energy bills.

Smart thermostats are a great fit for many small businesses with regular operating hours. Setting up schedules to fit with opening hours, and ensuring the HVAC system is not left running unnecessarily overnight is a great, easy way to save energy. Employees don’t pay the utility bills and they commonly set the set-point lower than what is needed in the summer months and higher than needed in winter months. A smart thermostat that automates schedules and locks set-points is a simple way to optimize energy use and lower energy bills.

The TrickleStar® WiFi Smart Thermostat also includes occupancy sensors with temperature sensing which enables the management of hot or cold spots in the premises.

For businesses that have multiple sites, the TrickleStar® Portal provides a powerful set of tools to visualize and manage multiple sites and TrickleStar® WiFi Smart Thermostats in real-time with common rules and schedules across the organization. Check out the TrickleStar® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat™ to optimize your comfort and maximize savings.
A lady changing temperature of TrickleStar Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat