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After a brief sign-up down below, you could be a qualifying candidate for a FREE Smart Thermostat! If your home is located within specified zip codes, and passes compatibility checks, you will be shipped a brand-new thermostat at no charge!

We recommend professional installation by your local contractor; however, our devices can be self-installed for the do-it-yourselfers out there!
Thermostat features

Our Thermostat is unlike any other. Users can intuitively manage their: comfort, indoor air quality, and energy usage on their phone or a web browser via the TrickleStar App and the TrickleStar Energy Portal.

We offer integrated control, scheduling, Time of Use, and Demand Response capabilities – all leading to maximized savings.
Why choose us?

The Smart Thermostat is easy to use, highly configurable, and features an industry-first backlit jog-dial for intuitive control by a wide range of HVAC equipment and end-users. Our elegant Thermostat design will look great in any home.

Energy Star Certification Trials are for companies seeking energy-efficient product competence of the highest standards. We are seeking to surpass these standards with our TS2501 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.
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