Smart Power

The TS1811 is an exciting new product engineered to provide an outstanding user experience for DirecTV™ and Comcast™ customers using hybrid infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF) remote controls. There are 3 significant enhancements to the product:

1) Zigbee™ (RF4CE) radio frequencY DETEction

Tier 2 APS


Zigbee™ (RF4CE) radio frequency (RF) detection has been added to the multi-sensor. The multi-sensor now detects:

  • (IR) remote control commands
  • Motion / occupancy
  • ZigBee™ RF4CE radio frequency (RF) remote control commands.
  • The product supports DirectTV Genie and Xfinity RF remote controls

Tier 2 APS' with IR only detection can't detect RF signals. This often results in irritating active shutdowns, mid viewing experience. This problem is eliminated with the TrickleStar multi-sensor, ensuring that the TV and audio-visual equipment are only switched off when a user is absent.

2) TAV-Link ™ (TrickleStar Audio-Visual Link)

TAV Link cable

TAV-Link™ - a high level interface to power down a TV using the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) protocol. Smart TV's now make up a bigger part of the market. Many SmartTV's do not recover well from a hard power down. When powered up again some TV's will prompt the user to go through a setup process which is time consuming and irritating. The TAV-Link function sends a CEC standby command to the TV a minute prior to a hard shutdown, allowing the TV to go into a standby state gracefully and save settings to memory.

3) New countdown timer settings

countdown timer

Shorter countdown timer periods and thus higher energy savings are made possible with more accurate sensing. The product now has 30 / 60 and 120 minute countdown timer settings.