Delegation and different level of access for multi users

Boost Flexibility

Saves money

Service reminder and energy usage report via Portal

Flood Sensor to detect leakage (optional)

Supports utility companies’ time-of-use and demand response programs

Control from anywhere


Wholesale to contractor distribution model

  • Water Heater Controller is sold via pro channels only, allowing contractors to be the experts for homeowners/residents/occupants
  • Visibility to customer issues via access to Water Heater Controller through the Tricklestar Portal
  • Maintenance alerts from the Portal, driving more customer calls to contractor
  • Can be retrofitted to most types of US electric water heaters

Multi-family/Property Management

Perfect for tenant or occupant management for landlords and property managers, easily manage energy costs

  • Easily transfer or delegate device ownership, manage multiple sites and devices under one login
  • Single, energy-centric platform to manage HVAC and water heating
  • Feature-rich Portal for config, monitoring, control, scheduling, account management and 3rd Party platform integration
  • Sophisticated Utility Portal to monitor device installations, online status and serial numbers
  • Best in class security

Smart Thermostat
Water Heater Controller

Utility Integration

Integrate with utilities for Demand Response programs

  • Integrates with utilities and DR Aggregators to assist with grid optimisation and stability
  • Scheduled ToU and DR events with participations tracked in the TrickleStar Portal and communicated to DR Aggregators
  • Homeowners can opt in/out of DR events
  • A single platform for integration - robust, feature rich for tracking device installation and status

Demand Response Integrations