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What if we told you there’s an affordable game changing solution that will reduce your organizations carbon footprint, roll out quickly at scale with minimal effort and help with your ESG compliance and Net-Zero objectives? Sound too good to be true? Introducing the TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard.

MSRP $99.99. For volume based discounts – contact our sales team

PC power management relies on a lack of mouse and keyboard activity to put a PC to sleep and has barely changed in more than 30 years. But today we use our PC’s longer and in quite different ways, often for video conferencing or watching content for extended periods. The majority of users configure their PC power settings to 30-60 minutes or in many cases even disable them, to avoid them to avoid nuisance switching. This results in significant, unnecessary energy waste.

Evaluation Program

50% discount for up to 20 units for approved organizations. Contact –our sales team for more info.

Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with the product? Return it within 30 days for a full refund.
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Proximity Sensing

The Advanced Keyboard uses modern proximity sensing to immediately sense when a user steps away from the PC. The shortest timer is set to 30 seconds. Imagine your PC power management settings are set to 60 minutes. Every time you step away, you avoid up to 59 minutes 30 seconds of power waste. Consider the additional savings for users who have more than one external display.

Multiply this across an organization with hundreds or thousands of PC’s and you can quickly envision the enormous carbon reduction opportunity at your fingertips

What our customers are saying

“We have checked many ESG checkboxes in such a short time with so little effort. We can’t recommend this solution highly enough.”
“It took only 2 days to roll out our keyboard program throughout to all our staff. Our staff love the keyboard and it was so simple to install. It’s a great reminder everyday of our commitment to achieve Net Zero” .
“Using the Advanced Keyboard we will reduce our carbon emissions by 1,241 acres of forest sequestration per year. This solution was a no brainer for us”.