TS1812LL - SensorClick™ Advanced PowerStrip with Light Level Sensor (4 ft.)

$49.99 $34.97

The TS1812LL SensorClick 12-outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Light-level Sensor saves energy by automatically removing and restoring the supply of power to plug-in electronics based on the status of the lights in the room.

Simple Automation
Simple automation eliminates standby power waste from unused electronics
Accurate infrared motion sensor
Highly-accurate light-level sensor detects lights in the workspace area
Premium fireproof surge protection
Premium-quality, fireproof surge protection safeguards electronics equipment from surges
Reduce Plug Load

Plug loads are one of the fastest growing sources of energy in commercial office buildings accounting for 15-20% of office electrical use. The TS1812LL saves energy by reducing peripheral loads that are left on when not in use or consume power when left in a standby state. Light-level sensing advanced powerstrips are proven to reduce plug load energy use in office workstations by ~22% ( source: Seventhwave )

How it Works

Featuring a highly-accurate light-level sensor, the TS1812LL detects whether the lights in the room are on or off and switches off plug-in electronics accordingly.

The electronics plugged into the switched outlets receive power when the lights turn on. When the lights switch off, the supplied power to the switched outlets is removed, and plug-in electronics turn off.

  • Simple automation saves energy and reduces electricity costs by switching off electronics during non-operating hours
  • Light-level sensing solution allows users to easily add plug-load control to a lighting or building management system
  • Premium-quality, fireproof surge protection safeguards plug-in electronics against power surges
  • Unique SensorClick platform offers convenient product selection for installing in a variety of applications
  • Continuous advancement of power management solutions provides trusted quality and reliability
Premium-quality, Fireproof Surge Protection

Traditional surge suppression products use standard Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) components. TrickleStar’s surge suppression products incorporate advanced surge protection technology with ceramic-encased MOVs that are capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than standard MOVs. More importantly, the ceramic casing is fireproof and capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions.

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