TS2101 Power Switch


The TrickleStar PowerSwitch eliminates standby power loss and the hassle of unplugging devices by shutting off power to connected electronics. With the flip of a switch, it disconnects all power to plugged-in electronics and appliances, thereby saving energy and reducing unnecessary electric utility costs.

The easiest way to save energy is to stop wasting it!
A surprisingly large number of small household appliances and electronic devices cannot be switched off completely without being unplugged. Such devices around the home continue to consume power when switched off or are in a standby mode. Commonly referred to as "standby power" or "phantom load," this situation accounts for an estimated 6% of average U.S. household electric use – a total of 43 billion kilowatt-hours per year.
Household applications
The PowerSwitch can be used with all types of plugged-in devices. For example, it can be used with mobile phone chargers, coffeemakers, clothes irons, water coolers, and space heaters to reduce standby power consumption and eliminate the hassle of constantly unplugging equipment. Its slim design and horizontal mounting capability allow enough space to mount two PowerSwitches in one standard duplex receptacle.

Energy Education & Awareness
In addition to saving energy, the PowerSwitch creates energy awareness for standby power loss and is used by utilities and energy service companies for energy education and for promotional giveaways.
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