DR in a box
Provisioning + Configuration
Kitting, Documentation
Energy Hub / Custom Integration

By TrickleStar

    1. Smart Thermostat + Water Heater Controller + Mobile Hotspot HW.
      • Provision and basic HW configuration
      • Documentation, labelling, packaged in a kit
      • Shipped to utility appointed contractor

  1. Other
    • Annual recurring: DR Aggregation fee year / device
    • Technical support by contractor to customer
    • Technical training to contractors - quarterly
    • Technical support - Mon-Fri working hours EST
    • Integration to DR Aggregator(s)

By Utility

  1. Mobile data subscription cost
  2. Provide customer name, address and customer email to TrickleStar
  3. Provide desired configuration and schedules. Install HW (by contractor)
  4. Configure Smart Thermostat to HVAC plant equipment (by contractor)
  5. Other
    • Annual recurring: Mobile LTE subscription costs
    • Technical support by contractor to customer
    • PO for minimum 10K “kits” per year
    • Rolling 6 month forecast
One Portal For Everything
  • Single, energy centric platform to manage HVAC and water heating
  • Feature rich Portal for config, monitoring, control scheduling, account management and 3rd Party platform integration
  • Sophisticated Utility Portal to monitor device installations, online status, firmware and serial numbers
  • Best in class security
A Single Platform For Integration
  • DR events, ToU schedules messaging and communications in a single platform
  • Easy for homeowners to opt in/out of DR events for any device
  • Robust, feature rich options for tracking device installation and status
App (Optional)
  • Apple and Android versions free to download and use
  • Enables control and monitoring of Smart Thermostat and Water Heater Controller
  • Simple, easy to use controls for multiple users in a household
  • Optional access levels
  • Integrated messaging / notifications