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        TS1110 - PC Advanced PowerStrip+

        The Tier 2 PC Advanced PowerStrip+ reduces active and standby power wasted by computers and related electronics. It doesn’t require any firmware or software and is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, making it ideal for commercial office use.

        TS1814 - 4 Outlet AV Advanced PowerTap+

        Ideal for small TV set-ups, the TS1814 reduces both active (when electronics are on, but not being used) and standby power (the power electronics continue to draw when they’re plugged in, but turned off) waste.

        TS1810 - 7 Outlet AV Advanced PowerStrip+

        One of our best selling products because it’s great for most TV set-ups, the TS1810 saves energy by reducing the amount of active and standby power consumed, which trims your electric bill to save you money.

        TS1813 - 12 Outlet Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip with Multi-Sensor

        Use this with large TV set-ups to reduce energy waste, lower your electric bill and save money.

        TS1914 - TAV-Link Multi-Sensor

        The TAV-Link Multi-sensor detects IR remote control signals and motion. It features an intelligent logic algorithm that first considers IR remote signals and then looks for both IR remote signals and motion. If no IR remote control activity or motion is detected within the countdown timer period, the AV APS+ powers down the TV and peripheral AV electronics plugged into the switched outlets.

        TS3001 - TAV-Link Cable

        The TAV-Link™ cable connects from the TAV-Link Multi-Sensor to an HDMI port on your TV. It works with a Tier 2 AV Advanced PowerStrip and supports high-level Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) commands. If there is no Infrared (IR) remote activity or motion detected or the TV is turned off, the TAV-Link will send high-level CEC commands to certain devices, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles, allowing them to safely store their data and settings prior to powering down.