100 W Portable Solar Panel


TrickleStar 100 W Portable Solar Panel is compatible for use to charge all TrickleStar PowerStations. Simply place the solar panel in a configuration with maximum exposure to the sun and follow the diagrams below for the correct connections, depending on the PowerStation model you own.


Your ideal portable solar panel.

This ultra lightweight solar panel provides excellent charging capabilities for your smaller, less-power-hungry devices on the go. If you purchased the two units bundle (TS601P-2), you have the option to either charge your PowerStation with one unit 100 W solar panel, or hook up two units of the 100 W solar panel using the included Y adapter cable to quickly charge your PowerStation.

The solar panel offers flexibility to safely power different devices via:
  • A connecting cable with Anderson output
  • USB Type A port (2)
  • USB Type C port (1)
The solar panel features two stands which can be configured to two different tilt angles (30 degrees and 45 degrees angles) for maximum exposure to the sun during charging.

(i) For TrickleStar PowerStation1500, connect the solar panel charging cable to the PowerStation using the Y Anderson to DC 7909 Adapter cable (included with the PowerStation1500).
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